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Obituary for Christos Nicholas Nakos

Christos N. Nakos was born in Dimitsana, Greece on January 29, 1937 and perished on November 8, 2020. His father, Nikos Nakos, predeceased him six months prior to his birth, his mother, Georgia Nakos, passed away when he was six months old. He lived with his Aunt Anastasia until he was nearly eight years old when she died. His Aunt Anastasia was a great influence on him and he loved her dearly. Every Greek parable he related to his children and friends came from listening to his Aunt Anastasia. After his Aunt’s death, he bounced around relatives until he met a gentleman who taught him the trade of being a body man. He allowed Christos to sleep in the garage as his home was too small to accommodate another child. At the age of seventeen, his Uncle Nick Andricopoulos, who owned a hat-cleaning and shoe shine store on Calhoun Street, started the process of sponsoring Christos to come to America. Finally, in late 1956, Christos boarded a ship with $24 in his pocket and arrived in New York. Unfortunately, his Uncle Nick passed away prior to his arrival in America.
Upon his arrival in Fort Wayne, he inherited a small house on Piqua Avenue in Fort Wayne. He began working at Allen County Motors for Mr. Dick Bowlin whom he admired greatly. After working for Mr. Bowlin for approximately a year and a half, Christos opened Nakos Motor Sales. He married Joanna Antonopoulos and they had three boys. One of their children, Christos Junior, passed away approximately six months after being born. In 1968, he purchased 3126 North Clinton Street where Nakos Motor Sales still stands. Even though he had no education, Christos was able to provide a good life for his family. He somehow was able to purchase other commercial property and put his two other sons through law school. Christos was the epitome of living and fulfilling the American Dream! When Christos was 55, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, two years later with liver cancer, three years after that kidney cancer, and two years later aortic vessel cancer along with lymph node cancer. Three years subsequent, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Christos took five bouts of chemotherapy and never lost a strand of hair. After his chemotherapy sessions, he refused to become ill but rather went back to his body shop and worked the remainder of the day. Following his last cancer surgery, his two sons asked the doctor what their father’s prognosis was. The doctor stood up, exclaimed Christos was an anomaly and he should have been dead ten years ago. With that being said, we look at Christos’ life as receiving a bonus of 25 years! Christos’ Aunt Anastasia would state things about the future that would always come true. On her deathbed, she told her nephew that the yellow man would kill him and many other people. For over 70 years, he contemplated the meaning of her dying declaration. It wasn’t until Labor Day of 2020 that he fully understood his Aunt was referring to the Corona pandemic. Christos’ Aunt Anastasia never left Arcadia (similar to never leaving the State of Indiana). She had never seen a yellow man. Christos perished due to complications of the Corona Virus on November 8, 2020. His gregarious personality made him a favorite at the Indiana Auto Auction; his neighbors explained that he was the most knowledgeable and entertaining person they had ever met. Christos attended Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and was an active member there since 1961. He is survived by his wife, Joanna, and his sons, Nikos and Telly (Tamara). He had four grandchildren, Christos III, Athena, Aristotle, and Sophia! Showing will be held Friday, November 13th at FairHaven Funeral Home, 6557 North Clinton Street in Fort Wayne from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with a Trisaigon (memorial) service at 7:00 p.m. and funeral service will be held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 110 East Wallen Road in Fort Wayne on Saturday, November 14th starting at 11:00 a.m. and calling one hour prior to the service. Donations to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church or the Mayo Clinic Foundation.